March 5th, 2020



Once again the strange and wonderful day of an album release is upon me. The day when I stand in the shallows of art’s ocean with the little boat I have spent the last year of my life making, holding it one last time as purely my own.

A funny thing, an album: this collection of experiences, memories, emotions, questions; all channelled and distilled in the mysterious process of music creation; bottled and labelled then proliferated and stored in clouds. People gaze into it like a fortune teller’s ball, where no two people will see quite the same thing; some see their own life reflected back to them, some see swirling mists, some see nothing at all.

And so this day, I release the little boat from my grasp, to let it bob and drift, subject to the winds and currents, as well as the unseen and mysterious forces. I watch how it begins to move seemingly with a life of its own before eventually drifting beyond what is seen and known by me. Perhaps you, dear reader, are standing on a shoreline somewhere, waiting for this little boat to drift into sight. When you pick it up and gaze into it, I wonder what will you see?
Much love, #1 Dads