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June 2nd, 2014

Pre-Order About Face LP – 12″ Vinyl | CD | Digital

There will be a new #1 Dads album out shortly. It’s something I’ve been chipping away at, for the last few years in between Big Scary stuff and other producer work I’ve been doing, and has been a good way for me to stay creative. I decided to make it more fun for myself by involving some others in the writing. The first taster for this album is a song called ‘Return To’ which I wrote with the very talented Tom Snowdon from Melbourne band Lowlakes. The song started out with just the piano riff you hear at start, but strangely once I came up with that I heard Tom’s voice instead of my own (which I guess is a result of all the producing work I’ve been doing for others recently) so I got in touch with him and after a few jams we had a song down. A similar thing happened with Ainslie Wills, with equally great results, which you’ll get to hear down the track also.

May 1st, 2012

The Man of Leisure has time on his hands. Drifting through his days, he plucks thoughts from the ether. Perhaps he’ll make himself a sandwich, or leaf through last week’s newspaper.

The man of leisure gazes out the window. He contemplates the world around him. He tracks flight paths and recognises the sound of the postman’s bike. He may notice the wind direction, the chatter of sparrows in his fig tree, or the elegance of the autumn leaf’s spiral to the ground. A neighbour will mow their lawn, and the man of leisure will find three more answers to the Sunday crossword.

The man of leisure sits in an enormous theatre; he is the only audience member. The acts enter and exit the stage. Some delight and some disgust him, some make him laugh and others make him weep. The man of leisure is gazing out his window. Perhaps he should do his washing.