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January 9th, 2024

Thurs March 9 – YES (Basement) – MANCHESTER – TICKETS
Wed March 13 – Servant Jazz Quarters – LONDON – TICKETS (SOLD OUT)
Thurs March 14 – Servant Jazz Quarters – LONDON – TICKETS (SOLD OUT)
Sat March 16 – The Louisiana – BRISTOL – TICKETS
Mon March 18 – Servant Jazz Quarters – LONDON – TICKETS (SOLD OUT)

August 5th, 2022

Continuing on the annual tradition of helping you help those #1 Dads. This years exclusive merch item is a beanie. Limited to only 50 items, they are on sale now!

#1 Dads Day (2022 Exclusive) Peace Beanie – Army Green

Suited to every manner of dome, large or small, lush or sparsely forested, this beanie will help keep the chills away and give a poppin’ fresh look.

December 26th, 2021

Thurs 24 Feb – SYDNEY, Lansdowne Hotel – SOLD OUT
Fri 25 Feb – SYDNEY, Oxford Art Factory – SOLD OUT
Thurs 3 Mar – MELBOURNE, The Night Cat – SOLD OUT
Fri 4 Mar – MELBOURNE, The Espy – TICKETS

also playing
Sat 5 Mar – BRISBANE, 9 Lives Music Festival

July 31st, 2021

Australians know the first Sunday in September as Father’s Day, and now we will get to know it as (#1) Dad’s Day! Continuing on from last year’s personalised hand-written cards, Tom Iansek aka #1Dads has drawn a beautiful piece titled “Piano Hands”, which we’ve printed to mugs.

Treat your #1 Dad, treat your Baby Daddy OR treat yourself ! These mugs are exclusive to 2021 #1 Dad’s Day. Don’t worry, we’ve got you for 2022 and beyond, as Tom Iansek will think up something new each year, taking the guess work out of your hands.

#1 Dads Day (2021) Piano Hands Mug ORDER HERE

Black print on white tea/coffee/wine/beer/juice mug.
Manufacturing is completed and they’re ready to go. You can ship to yourself or directly to your Dad.

March 5th, 2020



Once again the strange and wonderful day of an album release is upon me. The day when I stand in the shallows of art’s ocean with the little boat I have spent the last year of my life making, holding it one last time as purely my own.

A funny thing, an album: this collection of experiences, memories, emotions, questions; all channelled and distilled in the mysterious process of music creation; bottled and labelled then proliferated and stored in clouds. People gaze into it like a fortune teller’s ball, where no two people will see quite the same thing; some see their own life reflected back to them, some see swirling mists, some see nothing at all.

And so this day, I release the little boat from my grasp, to let it bob and drift, subject to the winds and currents, as well as the unseen and mysterious forces. I watch how it begins to move seemingly with a life of its own before eventually drifting beyond what is seen and known by me. Perhaps you, dear reader, are standing on a shoreline somewhere, waiting for this little boat to drift into sight. When you pick it up and gaze into it, I wonder what will you see?
Much love, #1 Dads

January 14th, 2020

It’s with great excitement that I announce my new album Golden Repair, due for release in March 2020. There is much to say about this record which has been nearly 6 years in the making, too much to get into now but I will say it felt very refreshing to be putting songs together for this project earlier this year. I started writing in January and the album was mostly finished just before the birth of my son. So some big changes in my life, much of which I channelled creatively into these songs. Hilariously ironic that I have new music just when I became a #1Dad myself.  Anyway, more info and music to come very soon. The album is available for pre-order now.

Much love, #1Dads.

Pre-order – LIMITED EDITION GOLD VINYL (OR order from ya fav record store)
Pre-order –
Pre-order / save – DIGITAL



Another Day
Freedom Fighter
Twice A Fool

January 13th, 2020

I have a new song out today! Plus this is a video I made for it! The song is Freedom Fighter, it’s a musing on certain curiosities about life and the feeling that at the deepest level, everything is ok. Much love and hope you enjoy.

November 6th, 2019



Hello my friends…

It’s been a long time. It’s funny returning to (pardon the pun) this project after these years away. I’ve spent the time releasing albums with my other projects Big Scary and No Mono, building a music studio and just this year becoming an ACTUAL dad.

In recent times I found song ideas emerging that were neither Big Scary nor No Mono. I felt like writing a song just for myself again, and so in January this year I took myself and my ideas away for ten days and came back with sketches for songs that could only be #1 Dads. I spent the following months recording, applying myself industriously in the studio ahead of the impending arrival of our son, who we welcomed into the world in late May. At this point my focus shifted instantly from album cycles to feeding cycles, from loops to poops, from bass to bassinets, from ad-libs to dribble bibs.

It seems so fitting now that I have new #1 Dads. Today I would like to share the first taste of this music with you. This is ‘Another Day’, a song about not being able to put off tough things any longer, a song about finding light and strength when you feel dark and weak.

I made a video for it too. With this I wanted to see how much I could do with as little as possible, as well as put my dance moves and handstand skills to the test, they held up, ah…ok.

Also, I will be playing a special one-off show in Melbourne late December, before heading off to play Falls Festivals over NYE.

I hope you enjoy.

Chat soon
#1 Dads

March 23rd, 2015

MELBOURNE – Wednesday 8th July, The Corner Hotel | SOLD OUT
MELBOURNE – Thursday 9th July, The Corner Hotel | SOLD OUT
MELBOURNE – Friday 10th July, The Corner Hotel | SOLD OUT
PERTH – Saturday 11th July, The Rosemount Hotel | SOLD OUT
PERTH – Sunday 12th July, The Rosemount Hotel | TICKETS
SYDNEY – Tuesday 14th July, Oxford Art Factory | SOLD OUT
SYDNEY – Wednesday 15th July, Oxford Art Factory | SOLD OUT
SYDNEY – Thursday 16th July, Oxford Art Factory | SOLD OUT
SYDNEY – Friday 17th July, Oxford Art Factory | SOLD OUT
SYDNEY – Saturday 18th July, Oxford Art Factory | SOLD OUT
DARWIN – Saturday 15th August, Darwin Festival | TICKETS

June 2nd, 2014

Pre-Order About Face LP – 12″ Vinyl | CD | Digital

There will be a new #1 Dads album out shortly. It’s something I’ve been chipping away at, for the last few years in between Big Scary stuff and other producer work I’ve been doing, and has been a good way for me to stay creative. I decided to make it more fun for myself by involving some others in the writing. The first taster for this album is a song called ‘Return To’ which I wrote with the very talented Tom Snowdon from Melbourne band Lowlakes. The song started out with just the piano riff you hear at start, but strangely once I came up with that I heard Tom’s voice instead of my own (which I guess is a result of all the producing work I’ve been doing for others recently) so I got in touch with him and after a few jams we had a song down. A similar thing happened with Ainslie Wills, with equally great results, which you’ll get to hear down the track also.

May 1st, 2012

The Man of Leisure has time on his hands. Drifting through his days, he plucks thoughts from the ether. Perhaps he’ll make himself a sandwich, or leaf through last week’s newspaper.

The man of leisure gazes out the window. He contemplates the world around him. He tracks flight paths and recognises the sound of the postman’s bike. He may notice the wind direction, the chatter of sparrows in his fig tree, or the elegance of the autumn leaf’s spiral to the ground. A neighbour will mow their lawn, and the man of leisure will find three more answers to the Sunday crossword.

The man of leisure sits in an enormous theatre; he is the only audience member. The acts enter and exit the stage. Some delight and some disgust him, some make him laugh and others make him weep. The man of leisure is gazing out his window. Perhaps he should do his washing.